Maui Marine Images Owner, Linda Sparks and her team capture spectacular daily images aboard the Four Winds II. Since 1983, Linda and her crew have logged thousands of hours filming underwater. 

We are a photography and videography service available aboard the Four Winds II and for private hire.  Linda Sparks is also available for custom underwater filming worldwide. Please contact her for more information.


Aboard the Four Winds II

Our professional underwater photographers and marine naturalists  provide a variety of services to help you remember your trip. This includes camera rentals, accessories, portraits and videos. Photos and videos will be displayed onboard for you to view and purchase.


Our Services

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to take home Professional Photos and Videos of you and your family along with the marine life. The image quality of our cameras are much better when compared with plastic disposable ones. They operate above and below the water and are easy to use. We also have customized settings and accessories to make sure the camera provides you with the best quality photos of our environment.