• Our photographer will take photos and videos on the trip while underway to your snorkel site and underwater.  We  capture you, your family,  the marine life and whales during the season. 






Our services

We set up a photo booth where you can select and purchase your favorite professional photos and video clips from the trip. But we know many of you want to be your own photographers. That's why we rent our Olympus cameras that take phenomenal underwater photographs. We also rent Go Pros so that you can take your own videos too. You can take them as deep as you can dive.

You already have a great camera for the trip?  That's wonderful! but we have a word of advice: Go Pros and disposable cameras can't capture certain colors underwater. But don't worry, we also rent filters so that you can still use your favorite camera. Head to our store to check out all the cool gear you can rent.